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Tru-Sleeve Anchors


tru-sleeve anchor
  • Electro galvanized
  • For fixing into concrete and rock
  • Anchor thread size equals hole size to be drilled into concrete
  • Non-bottom bearing. Does not require precise hole depth.
  • Supplied complete with nut and washer.
  • Pre-assembled. Just insert and tighten.
  • Drill size equals anchor size. Insert through object to be fastened and tighten.
Load Capacity in 24 Mpa Concrete
RefAnchor Size & HoleAnchor Length M.M ThreadPull-Out (Kgs)Shear (Kgs)Min. Depth
SA 818 mm40 mm6115090035 mm
SA 828 mm65 mm35 mm
SA 838 mm85 mm35 mm
SA 10110 mm50 mm81800140045 mm
SA 10210 mm77 mm45 mm
SA 10310 mm97 mm45 mm
SA 12112 mm60 mm102800205050 mm
SA 12212 mm75 mm50 mm
SA 12312 mm99 mm50 mm
SA 16116 mm65 mm123700310055 mm
SA 16216 mm111 mm55 mm

Anchor Size mm8101216
Spacing Distance mm656590110
Edge and End Distance mm Load Parallel or Away From Edge45506575
Load Toward Edge607090105
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