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Nail-in Anchors


nail-in anchors
RefSizeHoleMin. DepthFix Material
NA 515 x 365 mm25 mm6 mm
NA 525 x 455 mm25 mm6 mm
NA 626 x 356 mm25 mm6 mm
NA 636 x 556 mm30 mm25 mm
NA 646 x 706 mm35 mm35 mm
NA 808 x 608 mm45 mm15 mm
NA 818 x 808 mm45 mm35 mm
NA 828 x 1008 mm50 mm50 mm
NA 838 x 1208 mm50 mm70 mm

Many applications where good quality lightweight fastenings are required.

Partition profile rails.
Wall flashings. Skirting fixings. Timber battens. Security spikes,Cable saddles, Cables ducts
Brackets, Copings

  • Flat head for flush fixings
  • Pin manufactured from EN 8 Hi-tensile steel
  • Buttress thread, easy to drive in – screw out
  • Double yellow passivated – better rust prevention
  • Reinforced head – better holding power
  • Ribs – for securing material fit
  • Internal locking rings – prevent screw expanding plug prematurely
  • Correct material mix – will not become brittle in dry conditions or soft in damp conditions, ideal for South African changing climate
  • Reinforced valley – strengthens anchor body
  • Locking lugs – prevent dust in hole causing premature expansion when inserting
  • Long even expansion – 50% more surface grip
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