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Social Responsibility

Contract Workshop

The three contract workshops provide work for 340 people.

The work entails:

Packaging, assembling, counting, collation and labeling. The work differs in complexity and tasks involved. Each person is remunerated for the work he produced; therefore stipends differ from person to person.

contract workshop team

Each workshop has a manager, supervisors and assistant supervisors; this model is in place to ensure succession training, and to ensure that:

  • Packaging and labeling are properly done.
  • Recording of each person’s production, and calculation of stipends.
  • Quality control is in place.
  • On-going and on the job training for our people is consistently undertaken.
  • Deadlines are met.
  • Invoicing and dispatching is efficiently and effectively executed.
trufix assembly

We have five contractors who out-source work to us. Obtaining contract work is a different task therefore we ensure the above is implemented so that we have a constant flow of work.