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Fixing on success

For 45 years Tru-Fix Fasteners has focused on developing new ideas and products for the building and hardware industries.

Tru-Fix Fasteners was established in May 1973 by its founder, Tony Weissensee. With Aidan Weissensee now as the MD, the focus of the company is to service the building and hardware industries with the most modern and up to date fastening systems.

'The single most important factor towards their success is intensive product development linked to excellent knowledge of the local market," says Weissensee. "We are continuously looking at innovative ideas for the development of new products and will not compromise quality for price. Yet, in spite of this, our products are very competitively priced and are available from all leading hardware wholesalers," he adds.

shield anchors
speed plugs

The company supplies Tru-Fix nail-in anchors that were specially developed for the South African market. Other products include shield anchors, sleeve anchors, wall plugs, spring toggles, speed plugs, chemical anchors and wedge anchors. Also available from Tru-Fix Fasteners is the correct fastener for fixing into light material such as dry walling as well as fasteners for heavy duty fixing into concrete. "Tru-Fix Fasteners has grown from strength to strength and today are well known for their high quality products and excellent service," says Weissensee. Tru-Fix Fasteners supplies a full catalogue showing the whole range of fasteners, pull out loads and safety factors.



  • Nail Anchor Drywall
  • Expansion Shield Anchors
  • Chemical Anchor Bolt
  • Concrete Sleeve Anchor Bolt
Plugs & Toggles

Plugs & Toggles

  • Plaster Screw
  • Ceiling Drywall Screws
  • Coach Screws & Plugs
  • Spring Toggle Screw
Drills & Rivets

Drills & Rivets

  • Masonry Drill Bits
  • Rotary Hammer Drill Bits
  • SDS Drill Bits
  • Cement Drill Bit
Fasteners Kits

Fasteners Kits

  • Building Contractor Fastener Kit
  • Home Fastener Kit
  • Quick Fastener Kit
  • Quick Fastener Kit + SDS Drill Bit
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